Michele Linback Designs

Michele Linback Designs creates unique, handmade handbags in San Diego, California.

Each bag is designed as both a wearable piece of art and a personal expression of style.

Each bag element from textile design, strap selection and vintage embellishments individualize

every finished bag.

Have a textile or treasured piece of tack?

Together we can make a bag that blends your personal history to a unique bag

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Intersection of Art and Fashion

The worlds of art and fashion have strong overlap. Often they go hand in hand when it comes to timeless pieces that begin from strong inspirational influences.

That is a part of our philosophy. Our custom handbags blur the lines of art and timeless fashion accessory.

Bag inspiration dives deep into the world of vintage handmade blankets and weavings from the American Southwest and other cultures.

The choice to use horse tack , whether vintage or contemporary is another inspirational design element to our bags.

The results are stunning bags unavailable in the general marketplace.

Passion For Design

Michele’s passion for design detailing drives the process from material combination concept to finished bag.

The rich history of the textiles and horse tack supply endless opportunities to bring them into a new life.

Whether you purchase a pre made bag or opt for a custom piece using your treasures, the result will be an inspired piece of wearable art.

Bag textiles, tack straps and embellishments are sourced from auctions and local tack shops.

Each bag is inspired by the textile’s unique design. Straps and embellishments are selected and placed to enhance the unique handmade quality of the textile.

All bags are designed and made in San Diego, California by Michele Linback.

Hand Bags

About Me

I wear many hats shifting all the time. The thread common to all are curiosity, creativity and discovery.

In the beginning, there was and still is, design. It is my good fortune to be an interior designer of everything from public libraries to beach front property.

My design practice feeds my interest and addictions in textiles, color and materials of all sorts. It is the interface and balance of these elements that create a unique and meaningful design of space and of bags.

From my backyard shed in San Diego each and every bag is designed and made by me. My materials are sourced from local tack stores, auctions and generous people in my extended community.

These bags recombine the rich textile history with equine materials into a new life.

This is who I am…
This is what I do…
This is why I do it.


One-of-a-Kind Handbags

Michele Linback Designs combines a passion for great design with a love of vintage materials to make beautiful and unique custom handbags.

Looking for a custom bag of your own?

Contact us today to learn more!

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