About Me

The worlds of art and fashion have strong overlap. Often they go hand in hand when it comes to timeless pieces that begin from strong inspirational influences.

I am a long time San Diego resident, and a forever Californian.

I began , like so many, a profession to please the parents in medical technology. Did not last all that long and found myself in Northern California, east bay, in the neighborhood of the then named California College of Arts and Crafts.

Admission required a basic portfolio, however with a little begging, I was granted entrance. The next two years were a blur of the magic of design, basic and raw. This is not a school for branding a namesake, is was there for discovery.

I moved back south and finished a formal degree in Interior Design at SDSU. Found work in a few architectural and design offices. Decided to go it alone, and never looked back. Custom was always part of my work, furniture -finishes-lighting, I could not find just the right piece for the project. I was in the company of some fine craftspeople and loved the concept of design adding , not just materials, but enhancing the living of the occupants.


My daughter , Remy, was born. The gift that keeps on giving. Without realizing it my world of MOM included exploring her interests, in particular horse riding. She is gifted with a non verbal connection to horses. I too , found myself enchanted by horses and after she set her sights in other directions, I set about learning to ride.

I loved it all, the saddling up, the grooming , the jumping and the exploring the edges of my perceived control. My best friend of the time was Truman, a handsome, intelligent and at times naughty 17 hand warm blood.

However, riding is an expensive hobby and I returned to design. A chance project put me in touch with a number of watermen. A new fascination with surfing and the natural world of the sea took hold of my imagination and body. A natural for a Pisces like me.

And now , I find that I have blended these experiences into a new , but not unrelated curiosity and craft of making bags.