It Is All Custom

Although the line up of existing bags are one of a kind , opportunity exists for a truly unique bag that also brings the
clients story to the party as well.
If a treasured textile had become moth food, but part of the pattern still remains, Michele can feature that part of your piece and bring that personal story to life again.

If a beloved horse has moved on, but a bridle or halter cannot be parted with, Michele can use that piece of tack as a strap. Your horse will still be with you.

Send your photos and your story, who knows what might develop

Vintage Materials, reclaimed- repurposed

The Process


Every bag design begins the same.

The textile and its design strengths become the starting point. Many times that design size of the textile, determines the bag shape and size.


Selection of all vintage materials is determined by the strength and beauty of the design. Whether a blanket, weaving or other textile they share the same dynamic use of pattern, color and handmade craft skill.


Michele’s goal is to enhance the original craft maker’s skill, with the detailed attention and incorporating the textile into a bag. Hand stitching and use of embellishments are part of the tool kit to achieve design harmony and compatibility.


Every bag is designed and constructed to seek a place as the owner’s heritage piece…… to wear and enjoy.

Current Herd of Bags

Thoughtfully Designed Handbags

Michele Linback Designs develops and crafts one of a kind custom handbags utilizing new and reclaimed materials. Discover a beautiful bag that is made to last.

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