Southwestern Textile Handbags

I am no scholar on weavings of the southwest.

I have observed in the years of searching for Navajo weaving 
that weaving can be named for a particular pattern, each weaver 
and weaving reflects the personal aesthetic of the artist.

Still there are basics that repeat, earth tones of red, brown, grey 
and black are the most commonly used. Most blankets are made 
of hand-spun wool, sheep were introduced by the Spanish in the 
17th century.

Designs of most textiles are usually geometric. There seems to be 
pattern that reflect the world of the weavers, mountains and plains. 
The Navajo did not have a written language, symbols and their meanings 
were passed down through oral tradition and through the arts.

Although many weavings were produced for sale in the 19th century, 
early blankets were both a functional and a beautiful item for the home. 
In some ways, interior design plays to the same goals. Using unique 
objects to reflect a sense of beauty and timelessness.

Perhaps, that is what attracted me to the blankets in the first place.

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