The chase, the discovery, the thrill

I have been interested in textiles, furniture, jewelry and graphic design as long as I can recall.
The thrill of putting a space together with diverse items as a newbie interior designer to working with vintage textiles and vintage tack these days is always the reward…
Formal education is a great beginning, but training your eyes and mind to pick up the vibrations of items that speak to you takes experience and exposure to the unknown. “You never know, “is a message I would have tattooed somewhere , if only I wanted a tattoo, is my motto.
So many sources for this adventure., online auctions, local garage sales, flea markets, and vintage markets are only the beginning.
The biggest thrill tho, is the making contact with a seller interested in sharing their stories, real or embellished of their treasures and how they came by them in the first place.
It is almost like taking home a stray at times, something than runs deep in my DNA.
Think of it as archeology for the common people.
All the items on my website have arrived in this manner. Discovered, then at times reworked into a new piece of history.
Your history.